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The +M Platform is the first ever marketing platform that brings
together the psychology of stored value and the power of rewards.

Beyond the consumer and merchant experience, Marqeta has created the +M Platform to serve the needs of large enterprises, memberships and other affinity groups. From employee discount programs to membership rewards to school support and even sports franchises, the +M Platform offers an entirely new approach to rewarding employees, supporters, fans, members, customers and prospects. Call or email us today to learn more.

Want to know more about how your specific organization can benefit from the +M Platform?
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(888) 462-7738
Employers Your Employees +M

Marqeta has partnered with one of the world’s largest quick service restaurant (QSR) chains. With over 400,000 employees in the US at any given time, their franchise cooperative came to Marqeta to help rationalize a number of disparate programs: employee discounts, manager incentives and eventually, payroll. The cooperative can now manage these programs from one platform, and employees can access all their rewards in one simple interface. And, their existing discount providers also benefit by getting deeper insight, along with a new way to communicate with, market to and engage employees.

Finally, just like every other Marqeta member, the restaurant’s employees get access to Marqeta's prepaid offer network, which brings in more business for Marqeta's merchant partners. Everybody wins.

To learn more about how +M can help your employees, call (888) 462-7738 or email plusm@marqeta.com.

Membership Organizations Your Members +M

Membership organizations are always looking for new ways to add value to their constituents.

One of the nation's largest membership organizations came to Marqeta to help build a gas and grocery rewards program that integrates with their existing membership card product.

Check back here regularly to find out more.

To learn more about how +M can help your members, call (888) 462-7738 or email plusm@marqeta.com.

Cities Your City +M

In January, the NY Times ranked Oakland the 5th most desirable city to visit worldwide. Oakland’s vibrant restaurant scene has also brought it regional and national renown as the hottest up and coming destination for "foodies."

Having been founded in Oakland, Marqeta reached out to the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and brainstormed ideas for making the most of all the attention. The result is a revolutionary new way for cities all around the country to increase local commerce and support growth, all using the +M Platform: Explore Oakland.

Through Marqeta (marqeta.com/exploreoakland), locals and visitors pay anywhere from $40 to $400, and immediately get 25% more money to spend across any of Oakland’s participating restaurants. Yes, that’s $100 more in some of the area’s best dining experiences.

In addition, consumers have the option to support Oakland’s public schools through our partnership with GO Public Schools (link) and a matching donation. Oakland keeps commerce in Oakland, consumers get more of Oakland’s great food, and schools get more for textbooks and art programs. Everybody wins.

To learn more about how +M can help your city, call (888) 462-7738 or plusm@marqeta.com.

Affiliates Your Transactions +M

Affiliate and lead generation marketing are great ways to get products and services exposed to broader audiences. However, affiliates and lead generators are almost never able to participate directly in the payments and transaction streams that their activities generate. With the +M Platform, now they can.

Traditionally, affiliates drive traffic to websites where products or services can be browsed and purchased. But they only get paid their commission when a purchase actually occurs. Using the +M Platform, affiliates can help their clients increase wallet share and capture spend, whether or not a purchase is imminent.

WineCountry.com is one such affiliate that came to Marqeta after trying for years to get in the middle of the transactions that occurred between their site visitors (over 2mm per year) and their participating merchants – wineries, restaurants, hotels, etc. Together, we are creating a series of offers, branded Explore Wine Country, that allows site visitors to pay $80-$800 and immediately get extra money to spend throughout the network of WineCountry.com merchants.

To learn more about how +M can help your business, call (888) 462-7738 or plusm@marqeta.com.

Charities Your Supporters +M

Charitable organizations use the +M Platform to help their supporters automate giving throughout the year, while also providing them the benefits of Marqeta’s merchant reward network.

For example, Jamba Juice is using the +M Platform for these very reasons for their widely adopted Sip to Support program, with 2,200+ organizations on board. Via a simple signup at jambajuice.marqeta.com, supporters automatically donate 10% of their Jamba purchases to their selected organization. With every swipe of the Jamba Juice Sip to Support Marqeta Card at any of the 550+ participating Jamba locations, the funds are directly earmarked for donation and transferred to the organization on a scheduled basis. At the same time, supporters get access to Marqeta's merchant rewards and our merchant partners get more exposure and affinity from the partnership. Everybody wins!

To learn more about how +M can help your charitable organization’s fundraising efforts, big or small, call (888) 462-7738 or email plusm@marqeta.com.

Schools Your School +M

Schools constantly need ways to manage and drive impactful fundraising with their supporters without complicated logistics.

During a simple online setup, supporters designate a portion of merchant reward dollars to automatically donate to the school. Then, with every swipe of the Marqeta Card, the funds are directly earmarked for donation and transferred to the school, who in turn provides the member with a tax receipt and warm gratitude.

The process is free for schools, set up is easy and you can get started today.

To learn more about how +M can help your school, call (888) 462-7738 or plusm@marqeta.com.

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