Accessing the DiVA API

All DiVA API endpoints use the same base URL:

The endpoints return data you are authorized to access based on the credentials you provide in your request. Note that you must include the program query parameter and specify the name of your program with each request. For more information, see Authentication.

Understanding views

View endpoints provide access to aggregated data that is derived from activity on the Marqeta platform, such as transactions, card holder balances, or card statistics. The endpoint URL is generally constructed from these components:

  • Type – type of data to retrieve.
  • Aggregation level – how the data is aggregated (for example, by day or by card holder).
  • Response – format in which to return the data. The default response is a JSON object that contains the results set. You can also export the data to a file (CSV or XLSX) or retrieve a JSON representation of the data schema.
  • Query filter – filter for which records to return. The default filter is by date, for a recent period of time based on when the query is run

For example, to retrieve authorization transaction data aggregated by week as a CSV file, you send a GET request to the /views/authorizations/week/csv endpoint.

For more information about response formats and how to customize your query results, see Response Customization. To retrieve a list of available views, see Views.