Commando Mode is Marqeta's answer to ensuring that Gateway JIT Funded cards continue to function in the event of a customer system failure. In such an event, Commando Mode provides a safety net of pre-established business rules that allow accounts to be loaded and transactions to be authorized even though the customer system cannot communicate with the Marqeta API.

Commando Mode is entirely invisible to cardholders.

In the event that Marqeta webhooks cannot be transmitted to customers during a Commando Mode period, the webhooks are stored for later transmission, ensuring that card state and account balances on customer systems are kept in sync with activity that occurred while Commando Mode was in effect.

Commando Mode is invoked at the card product level, meaning that customers can invoke Commando Mode on any subset of card products associated with a particular program. Commando Mode business rule configurations allow for exceptions to card state and for other types of controls to be set according to the risk parameters of the customer.

Controls for turning Commando Mode on and off are accessible in Program Dashboard, which Marqeta provides to its customers.

You can identify transactions that were funded while Commando Mode was in effect by examining the subnetwork field of the associated or transaction. A value of "GATEWAY_JIT" indicates that the transaction was funded through normal Gateway JIT Funding and that Commando Mode was not in effect at the time. A value of "MANAGED_JIT" indicates that the transaction was funded while Commando Mode was in effect. (Note: Commando Mode and Managed JIT Funding are funtionally equivalent.) See JIT Funding Overview for more information about JIT Funding.