The Marqeta DISBURSE-PAYOUT solution provides two options for getting cards into the hands of contractors — bulk order or individual order.

Bulk order

Under this option, Marqeta ships bulk card orders directly to companies, who then distribute them to contractors at their discretion.

You can choose to either associate all cards in the order with a single "inventory" user or to associate each card with a distinct user upon creation.

To set up the cards:

  • As needed – Add users to the Marqeta platform (users represent contractors; see Create User).
  • As needed – Update users on the Marqeta platform to have contractor details (see Update User).
  • Activate cards upon contractor receipt (see Create Card Transition).

Individual order

Under this option, companies include card orders in their contractor registration process. The card orders are placed using the Marqeta API, and the cards are mailed either directly to the contractor or the company.

To set up each card:


Companies load funds into each user's General Purpose Account (GPA) by way of an ad-hoc funding load initiated through an API.

To set up and perform manual funding: