Marqeta's DELIVERY solution allows customers to provide drivers of on-demand delivery services a secure and convenient way to pay for goods.

Customers in the increasingly competitive on-demand delivery market face a number of challenges. Delivery service providers must remain agile while at the same time protecting capital from fraud and misuse. They must have real-time control over funds and the visibility to make informed business decisions.

To meet this need, Marqeta’s DELIVERY solution offers customers the ability to control funds in whatever way is best suited for their needs. In a maximum control scenario, customers decide at the time of transaction whether to fund courier cards based on their own internal criteria. Customers may opt instead for more light-weight funding mechanisms, loading funds using an API just prior to courier transactions or setting up auto reloads to replenish funds when they drop below a pre-specified threshold. Additional controls can be configured on the Marqeta platform to restrict authorization amounts, number of swipes, and accepted merchant types. Through real-time event notifications and reporting, Marqeta gives on-demand delivery providers end-to-end visibility over the transaction life cycle so they can make informed decisions.


The Marqeta DELIVERY Solution provides two options for getting cards into the hands of couriers — bulk order or individual order.

Bulk order

Under this option, Marqeta ships bulk card orders directly to customers, who then distribute them to couriers at their discretion. Customers can choose to either associate all cards in the order with a single "inventory" user or to associate each card with a distinct user upon creation.

To set up the cards:

  • As needed – Add users to the Marqeta platform (users represent couriers; see Create User).
  • As needed – Update users on the Marqeta platform to have courier details (users represent couriers; see Update User).
  • Activate cards (see Create Card Transition).

Individual order

Under this option, customers include card orders in their courier registration process. The card orders are placed using the Marqeta API, and the cards are mailed individually, directly to the courier.

To set up each card:


The Marqeta DELIVERY solution lets customers choose between minimum, moderate, or maximum control over the funding of user accounts.

Minimum control – automatic reload

Under this option, customers specify an amount to automatically reload into a user's General Purpose Account (GPA) when the account balance falls below a defined threshold. This ensures that couriers always have a certain amount of funds accessible on cards. Automatic reloads can be defined at the user, card product, or program level.

To set up minimum control over funding:

Moderate control – ad-hoc loading

Under this option, customers load funds into a user's General Purpose Account (GPA) based on the monetary amount of accepted orders. This enables the courier to pay for the next pickup while limiting the availability of extraneous funds. Any excess amounts may be unloaded using an API post transaction. For an additional layer of control, customers can define Spend Controls in the Marqeta platform.

To set up moderate control over funding:

Maximum control – Gateway JIT Funding

This option leverages Just-In-Time (JIT) Funding against a customer's Program Gateway Funding Source and eliminates the need to load funds manually, giving customers the greatest amount of control over funding decisions. User accounts hold a $0 balance until a swipe occurs. In response to a swipe, the Marqeta platform sends a request for funding to a customer-hosted endpoint (the gateway). The customer's own personalized algorithms decide whether or not to fund the purchase. If approved, funds sufficient for the transaction are loaded into the user account, which is then immediately debited to cover the amount of the transaction. If the funding is not approved, the original authorization is declined. This mechanism effectively enables customers to decline authorizations by declining funding. If the user account balance is above $0 and is sufficient to cover the purchase, then the transaction is approved without a request for JIT Funding or customer approval. Customers can also define Spend Controls in the Marqeta platform.

To set up maximum control over funding: