Stability, efficiency, and control to remain competitive are critical to both businesses looking for a better expense management solution as well as providers of expense management services.

Expense management has become a market in and of itself, with medium and large enterprises constantly in search of better ways to reduce overhead, ensure compliance to spending policies, and eliminate waste. To remain competitive in this space, expense management service providers need more than the ability to simply move funds on and off of cards.

Using the Marqeta EXPENSE solution, customers can offer controls on spending amounts, restrict purchases by merchant type, or limit the number of swipes, all while maintaining complete visibility of usage of funds.


The Marqeta EXPENSE solution provides two options for getting cards into the hands of card users — bulk order or individual order.

Bulk order

Under this option, Marqeta ships bulk card orders directly to employers, who then distribute them to employees at their discretion.

You can choose to either associate all cards in the order with a single "inventory" user or to associate each card with a distinct user upon creation.

To set up the cards:

Individual order

Under this option, card ordering is included in the card-user registration process. The card orders are placed using the Marqeta API, and the cards are mailed either directly to the card user or the employer.

To set up each card:


Funds are loaded into each user's General Purpose Account (GPA). Funds can be reloaded either manually or automatically when GPA balances drop below a predetermined level.

To fund each user: