Alternative lenders can offer their business customers the convenience of disbursing loan funds to a card at the point of sale.

Marketplace lenders, balance sheet lenders, and hybrid lenders are changing the way small-to-medium-sized businesses borrow. Whether providing term loans, merchant cash advances, or revolving lines of credit, lenders need to get funds into the hands of end users quickly and conveniently. Furthermore, they need to do so while avoiding the cost, inefficiency, and overhead of the traditional business loan model.

Using the Marqeta platform, lenders can transfer funds instantly to a cardholder's account at the point of approval or swipe. Funds are loaded onto cards in real-time at the point of swipe using Gateway JIT Funding.


The Marqeta LEND solution supports the use of both physical and virtual cards. These two options may be leveraged in parallel.

Physical cards

Customers obtain physical cards using the Marqeta API by placing an order and having the cards mailed directly to users.

To set up each card:

Virtual cards

Marqeta's LEND solution enables customers to use virtual cards in a number of creative ways. Some examples include distributing virtual-card numbers to end users by way of a mobile app or funding end users by way of tokenization and integration with digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

To set up virtual cards:

Note: Virtual cards are configured to be activated upon issuance.


Funds can be loaded into user accounts by way of Gateway Just-In-Time (JIT) Funding.

Gateway JIT Funding

Gateway JIT Funding eliminates the need to load funds manually while also providing the greatest amount of control over funding decisions and reducing bookkeeping tasks. User accounts hold a $0 balance until a swipe occurs. In response to a swipe, the Marqeta platform sends a request for funding to a customer-hosted endpoint (the gateway). The customer's own personalized algorithms decide whether or not to fund the purchase. If approved, funds sufficient for the transaction are loaded into the user account, which is then immediately debited to cover the amount of the transaction. If the funding is not approved, the original authorization is declined. This mechanism effectively enables customers to decline authorizations by declining funding. The loan amount can be specified either within the customer's custom algorithms or by way of a Marqeta Velocity Control.

To set up Gateway JIT Funding: