Program dashboard

A single application to manage and administer your program.

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Program and reserve funding management

Optimize program funding, account balances, stand-in processing, and reconciliations

Account monitoring

Review card details, transaction history and update status to report lost or stolen cards

Card lifecycle management

Manage the card lifecycle including ordering, activating, suspending, and terminating

Administrative functions

View and manage users and/or businesses and define user roles and permissions. Ensure continuity during interruptions in network connectivity by invoking Marqeta’s stand-in processing (STIP) or Commando Mode.

Monitoring and health

Keep track of detailed card and transaction data. Search and review transaction history and take actions like changing status, reporting a card as lost or stolen, adding notes, and more.

Easier reconciliations

With the flexibility of injecting metadata into your transactions at authorization time, you now have the ability to accelerate your reconciliation. For example, your transaction data now has additional fields such as “Booking ID” that you can use to integrate with the “Booking ID” in your ordering system.

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