Bridge2 democratizes loyalty points with Marqeta

Last week, Bridge2 Solutions announced Loyalty Pay to unlock the value of reward points for customers anytime, anywhere for everyday spend. In partnership with Marqeta, the new solution allows customers to redeem points by converting them into virtual cards for digital wallets issued instantly at the point of sale.

We’re so impressed with the innovative work of Bridge2 because it solves a long standing economic problem for businesses and consumers. Loyalty points are big business. Consumers have accumulated billions of dollars worth of loyalty points. In many ways, these points function as alternative currencies with the very important distinction that these points can only be spent in specific places and on specific things.

That all changes today with Loyalty Pay.

Consumers finally have an opportunity to realize the true benefit of their loyalty points. Bridge2’s Loyalty Pay frees consumers to spend their loyalty points when and where they want. This is a game changer for consumers and merchants.

At the forefront of rewards redemption, Bridge2 is the leading SaaS platform technology company providing innovative solutions that are easy to implement and use to drive engagement and loyalty between brands and their consumers.

Bridge2 worked with Marqeta’s Digital Wallet SDK to effectively generate a virtual card and tokenize it. Our SDK helps developers easily turn on in-app provisioning and take advantage of digital wallet technology both by facilitating the insertion of cards into digital wallets and by providing control over the lifecycle of the inserted cards.

We’re proud to support Bridge2 at what they do best — innovate a new solution around loyalty programs — and we look forward to the seeing the significant impact for consumers and merchants of what will certainly be a new era for rewards redemption.