Prefunding new card programs is now easier with Marqeta

Marqeta Reserve Financing Offers Payment Innovators a New Option

At Marqeta, we’re always looking for new ways to help our customers bring innovative payment experiences to market quickly. One of our latest focus areas has been onboarding, specifically addressing the roadblock that pre-funded reserve accounts pose for many customers. We want to help customers more easily find the capital to fund their reserve account, so they can launch their card programs on time and leverage their capital more efficiently.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Marqeta Reserve Financing, a service that offers access to borrowing for new and existing Marqeta customers.

The Prefunding Burden for Companies Operating at Scale

When companies set up a prepaid or debit card program, the issuing bank requires that they pre-fund the estimated card volume through a reserve account. This ensures that they can keep up with anticipated card spend and business growth.

However, this pre-funding step can become a major hurdle to getting the card program into the hands of their customers. Companies must source new capital or tie up large amounts of their own capital, all with the launch date of their new card program hanging in the balance.

Access to Reserve Financing Is Built In

To help companies overcome these pre-funding challenges, our newest offering makes sourcing reserve financing smooth and painless. When a customer expresses an interest in financing, the initial application process happens quickly and self-service management of their financing is easy using the Marqeta Program Dashboard.

This new product gives our customers a clear path to financing for their reserve account so they can bring new payment card programs to market quickly.

“Marqeta Reserve Financing is a game-changer for our customers, removing one more hurdle that has been in the way of innovating rapidly,” says Omri Dahan, Chief Revenue Officer at Marqeta. “It’s a great outcome of our focus on customer success and empowering our customers to innovate.”

We look forward to seeing more customers across our diverse customer community enjoy the responsiveness and peace of mind that Marqeta Reserve Financing delivers.

To learn more about Marqeta Reserve Financing, contact us to discuss your company’s specific needs.

Disclosure: Loans are made by a third party lender and are subject to credit approval.