Lending 3.0: the next revolution in digital lending

Lending 3.0 brochure

Since the 2008 financial crisis, business-to-business B2B lending has been swept along by a digital revolution.

The infamous credit crunch that followed prompted traditional lenders to tighten their loan criteria, with small business borrowers sometimes having to wait weeks for decisions and months for cash.

But as funding became less accessible, alternative lenders stepped in to meet hungry demand for capital from UK small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

With a digital-first approach, these new lenders were able to cut ‘time to decision’ to mere minutes and ‘time to cash’ to just a few days.

Excitingly, the lending sector is on the cusp of another game-changing revolution. We call it Lending 3.0.

Thanks to further advances in technology, lenders now have the tools to create a bespoke borrower experience, whilst slashing delinquency rates and boosting their income streams.

This is an incredible opportunity to bridge the gap between lending and payments.

Real-time loan spend data is allowing lenders to truly understand borrowers, enhance credit risk decision making and deliver personalised lending solutions.

Combine this with a funds-to-wallet approach and it means lenders can meet the needs of an SME borrower like never before.

Indeed, Lending 3.0 goes beyond credit supply to create an intelligent, interactive and trusted relationship between lender and borrower, both at the time of funds utilisation and after funds have been disbursed.

Lending 3.0 delivers an infinitely superior experience across seven essential lending attributes of speed, cost, insight, control, delinquency, access and loan spend.

To discover how Lending 3.0 is set to build an exciting new world for lenders and borrowers, download our new white paper today.