Marqeta chooses the city of Denver, Colorado to open its second US headquarters

As we continue to scale and grow our people, opening a second US office to hire great talent has been an important part of Marqeta’s 2020 strategy. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has brought unprecedented change to all of our lives, however, our plan to expand our US office footprint remains important. I continue to believe that physical office spaces will have a major part to play when we move on from this pandemic. Everything that has happened this year has shown us that there’s a lot more room for flexibility in our working arrangements moving forward. Offices will remain a valued part of Marqeta’s culture, providing spaces open for Marqetans to come to for collaboration, connection and to draw energy from a shared sense of purpose, even if they choose to work remotely, or split their time between the office and home.    

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce that Marqeta has chosen the Denver Metropolitan Area to open its second US headquarters. We chose Denver following a data-driven selection process, where we looked at 17 US metropolitan centers and assessed them across a range of different factors and metrics. We expect to have this office open later in 2020, contingent on public health considerations. 

We’re planning to hire up to 100 people in Denver by the end of 2021 and our recruiting team has aligned their internal processes to begin reaching out to candidates on the ground. We are identifying individuals currently who will lead the opening of the office, to ensure the team in Denver is set up for success and the culture from our Oakland office is carried over. Our current company-wide hiring plan is heavy on technology and product hires, and we expect the makeup of our new Denver office to reflect these concentrations. That said, we are not placing a limitation on which teams we will hire for in Denver, given the strength and breadth of the local workforce. 

The return to the office isn’t going to happen overnight. We’re delighted to be moving forward with our plans to expand into Denver and I want to thank the State of Colorado for its help and assistance in planning our expansion. We see this new office as being a major part of Marqeta’s future growth and success.