Marqeta joins Mastercard’s Digital First Directory Mastercard announces qualified network of fintech and third-party partners that will help its customers launch digital-first solutions

Marqeta is joining Mastercard's Digital First Directory

We’re thrilled to be included in Mastercard’s new Digital First Directory on its Engage platform. This directory will provide customers with a network of fintechs and qualified third-party partners that can quickly and efficiently deploy digital-first solutions.

As consumer demand for digital experiences continues to rise due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Mastercard recognized the need to empower consumer choice and built a robust network of qualified digital solutions that will enable its customers to innovate faster. These partners will support each step of the consumer digital journey, from acquisition and card usage to management, in addition to leveraging Mastercard’s API-based products and services.

“Consumers have come to expect seamless digital experiences and want to be able to manage all parts of their financial life through digital channels. We’re thrilled to help Mastercard customers more easily launch digital-first programs that speak to these demands,” said Salman Syed, Marqeta’s SVP and GM, North America. “We look forward to our modern card issuing technology delivering value for tomorrow’s innovators, and are excited to be a qualified provider in the Digital First Directory on the Mastercard Engage platform.”

Andrea Scerch, Executive Vice President, Consumer Products for Issuers, at Mastercard says that this Digital First Directory is launching at a critical time when financial institutions and digital players are seeking to fulfill consumer demand for digital experiences but may not have the technology available to do so at speed. “Instead of merely supporting physical cards with digital experiences, we are powering consumer choice by building a robust network of qualified enablers who can help our customers quickly launch digital products from the ground up.”

Learn more about Mastercard’s Digital First Directory and Engage program here. We thank them for including Marqeta and we look forward to supporting their customers.