Marqeta launches in Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand

We’re excited to announce that our platform is now certified in Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand, expanding our global footprint to 39 countries and representing our growing presence in the Asia Pacific region.

With the new certifications, our platform is now enabled in five countries in the Asian Pacific, adding to our previously announced certifications in Australia and New Zealand. We currently have an office in Melbourne, Australia, and have plans to expand and open an additional hub in the region, building a broader team to support the region.

Our single, global modern card issuing platform is allowing our customers to build once and launch in new markets to meet their growing needs. We’re excited to support new card programs in these regions and provide the infrastructure that enables our customers to scale. We will initially target fintechs and local distributors in Singapore, the Phillippines, and Thailand, that are looking to transform payments by creating digital-first, seamless customer experiences. These new markets have a common commitment to improving payments infrastructure, with a focus on interoperability between countries, making them a good fit for our modern card issuing technology. See our full press release here.