Marqeta celebrates Black History Month

Black History Month honors the achievements, contributions, and sacrifices of Black and African American communities, and the central role they’ve had in shaping our country. We officially celebrate Black History Month every February, however, the celebration shouldn’t stop on March 1st. We’re sharing a few ways to carry on the celebration of Black people throughout the year.

In partnership with our BlackCard ERG, we’ve lined up a few events for Black History Month, encouraging employees to celebrate and learn about the rich cultural heritage of Black and African American people. BlackCard sponsored events include a Black History Month kick-off event with DJ Kabiyesi, a trivia session hosted by members of our ERG, and a virtual Afrobeats lesson to learn more about the music genre through movement. Here are a few other ways we can collectively celebrate black excellence every day:

Support black-owned businesses

We’ll be supporting black entrepreneurship by shopping or eating at black-owned businesses. By supporting locally-owned shops and restaurants, we’ll be making an impact on others’ lives as well as acknowledging the power of diversity in our communities. Here are a few resources you can explore to celebrate and show support:

  • Explore the Shop Black Owned tool to find local shops or eateries in the Bay area and other major cities.
  • Shop online and explore curated products and brands from Bold Xchange and We Buy Black. They offer an assortment of black-owned and created gifts, food, coffee, personal care, household essentials and more.
  • EatOkra is a guide to black-owned restaurants. If you’d like to support local black businesses, or maybe just find a new favorite place to eat, download the EatOkra app now.
  • Miiriya is an expansive online marketplace dedicated to black vendors. Explore the site to find anything from home decor to skincare products.
  • Black artists create and send powerful messages. One of the best ways to give the community a voice is to support the artists who are speaking out. Explore Black Art Depot.

Give back to our communities

Marqeta celebrates our Oakland roots by giving back to the community and supporting the East Oakland Collective Feed the Hood Events. If you live in the Bay area, join us on February 12 for a special Valentine’s weekend Love the People Edition of Feed the Hood. In partnership with West Oakland Mural Project, People’s Kitchen Collective, Black Joy Parade, and Both Sides of the Conversation, they are hosting a food drive, meal and supply distribution to our unhoused brothers and sisters. They are collecting donations of unopened and non-expired shelf-stable food and hygiene supplies.

Become a mentor to youth in need
Celebrate Black History Month by offering mentorship to at-risk and underprivileged youth. For many years, the African-American community was placed at a disadvantage by prejudicial practices like redlining. While we can’t fix the past, we can certainly do our part in the present to continue to improve equality and opportunity. Learn more about becoming a mentor at

At Marqeta, the idea that everyone belongs is one of the core values that guides us as we work together to build the infrastructure underpinning modern payment solutions. We find inspiration in our diversity and look to find ways to celebrate and share the wide range of experiences and cultural backgrounds represented by Marqetans and our customers around the world.