Announcing General Availability of DiVA API

by Rahul Deshmukh, Sr. Director Product Marketing

Businesses are moving towards data-driven decisions for achieving efficient business operations. Leveraging data and analytics helps businesses with operational efficiency, fraud reduction, and producing deeper business/customer insights. By combining curated payments data with existing enterprise data, additional actionable insights to fight payments fraud as well as improve customer/supplier experience are possible.

There are two key challenges related to accessing raw payments data:

Businesses need transaction authorizations, settlements data to run business operations. There is a need to integrate raw data with the internal data platforms. Traditional ‘issuer processors’ are closed systems that do not provide easy access to this data.

Businesses want consistency of merchant definitions. Every business is unique in this regard. Businesses find it difficult and time consuming to reconcile merchant names — merchant names do not match with the way banks classify them. This reconciliation is time consuming and expensive.

After tremendous success with internal use, we are excited to announce the general availability of DiVA API. DiVA API allows businesses to get access to clean and raw data in a timely manner. Available with this release is open access to the data in a format/syntax that can be easily consumed by business users. Users can download the data in commonly used formats XLSX/CSV/JSON/etc. DiVA API provides a comprehensive merchant lookup data that helps businesses accelerate merchant data reconciliation as well as use the combined data to fight payment fraud.

Interested in knowing the technical details and how to use DiVA API? Reference documentation for DiVA API is available here.

Please contact your customer success contact at Marqeta and you will be set with access to DiVA API.

Thanks to Dave White.