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Working With Us

How We Help You Change the Face of Commerce

We have built our company around a promise that’s ambitious and a little bit audacious:

"Sharing Innovation To Empower The Future Of Commerce."

That idea is embodied in the Marqeta Platform and its remarkable set of features and functionality. It’s also embodied in the way we work with you: Our business and our culture are absolutely devoted to the ideas of sharing, innovation and empowerment. And our values—the guiding principles we celebrate internally—are central to our ability to fulfill our promise.

When you work with Marqeta, here’s what you can expect:

We Do What We Say We'll Do.

We prize accountability within Marqeta and we insist on accountability in dealing with customers. This is part of who we are, but accountability is also important because we operate in a rigorously regulated environment that absolutely demands precision, accuracy and compliance.

We Excel At The Tough Stuff.

We. Invite. Challenges. Innovating successfully in the payments ecosystem is a tremendous challenge, and, frankly, we love it. Our best work is done on the most difficult problems. Bring it on.

When We Trust Each Other, We Are Unstoppable.

At first glance, trusting each other sounds like a completely internal statement, but trust is essential to our ability to serve you. Trust is the glue that builds teamwork, and teamwork is what enables development, innovation and customer service to happen at the highest possible level.

We Are Straight Talkers And Great Listeners

The first part of this value means “we do what we say we’ll do.” But we are also great listeners: committed to understanding what you’re trying to do, and to helping you do it successfully.

We believe in ROI: Return On Individuals and Return On Ideas.

Of all the words we use at Marqeta, our favorites seem to begin with an “I”: innovation, of course, but also individuals and ideas. They are truly interwoven: individuals generate ideas; individuals transform ideas into innovations; individuals share innovations with clients. We are a business, and we seek ROI wherever we can find it. Our two best sources: individuals and ideas.

We are very confident that the Marqeta Platform, detailed on the Capabilities, Solutions and Documentation sections of our site, has everything you need to propel your business to a new level. But when you choose a software solution, you’re choosing a culture as much as a technology. Our corporate values are as powerful and important as our platform.

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“Like many values, the notion of ‘straight talk’ and ‘listening well’ are great in the abstract, but at Marqeta we live them, day-in and day-out. There simply is no room for anything less than complete candor and precision when it comes to dealing with payments and the financial system.”
Anna Diop Risk Analyst
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“We innovate at Marqeta by continually trying to push the envelope to provide greater insights to our customers on who their end users are and how they are using their card product.”
Ken Tronnes BI & Marketing Ops
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“Marqeta is innovating by developing solutions for card programs that push the boundaries, thus creating programs that consumers and business are seeking out to join.”
Melissa Keir Sr. Director, Product Management
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“The challenge we addressed was an enormous one: becoming the sole provider of open API solutions for payment processing, and we made massive investments in technology to remove complexity and foster innovation.”
Raymond Young Sr. Software Engineer
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"What I love about Marqeta is the ability to provide cutting-edge payment solutions to our customers and work with a team that’s always looking to challenge the status-quo to find better solutions."
Salman Syed VP, Business Development
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