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August 4, 2019

Python SDK (Beta)

This feature is currently in beta and subject to change. To learn more about the Beta program for this feature, contact your Marqeta representative.

The Marqeta Software Developer Kit (SDK) for Python provides easy access to the Marqeta Core API from your Python application. The SDK is built on top of the Marqeta Core API, providing wrappers for the REST API endpoints.

What you can do with the SDK

You can use the SDK library to perform common programming tasks, including:

  • Build apps using your access tokens for the shared sandbox.

  • Use Python methods for easier, secure authentication.

  • Create, retrieve, and update objects and collections.

  • Access resource collections as properties of a client object.

  • Search for specific objects.

  • Call Python methods to interact with the Core API endpoints.

  • Handle errors.

How to get the SDK

To install the SDK, go to the marqeta-python repository on GitHub. See the README for requirements, installation, and basic usage.

Contribute to the SDK

The SDK is open source. Feel free to contribute on GitHub.

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