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November 10, 2020


You can use SDKs for Python and Ruby to access the Marqeta Core API.

Marqeta SDK for Python

Find the Marqeta SDK for Python here: Python SDK (Beta)

Marqeta SDK for Ruby

Elan Dubrofsky of Financeit built this Ruby SDK: Marqeta.

Generate your own client library

You can reduce the effort required to integrate your code with the Marqeta API by automatically generating your client library for the language of your choice. When Marqeta updates the API specification, regenerate the library to update your code.

The following is the basic procedure to generate your library:

  1. In the Swagger Editor, import the following URL: https://sandbox-api.marqeta.com/v3/swagger.json

  2. Generate the client library by selecting Generate Client and the language you prefer, such as Java or Go.

For information on tools you can use to create an automatic build process, see OpenAPI.Tools.

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