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September 4, 2020

Sorting and Pagination

The Core API supports sorting and pagination for most endpoints that return arrays of resources. The sorting mechanism places the resources in order; the pagination mechanism then returns a specific range of those ordered resources. You control sorting and pagination by way of URL query parameters.

A GET request to the /users endpoint returns an array of users. By default, the sorting mechanism places the most recently modified users at the top of the sort order (sort_by=-lastModifiedTime) and the pagination mechanism then returns the first five users (count=5&start_index=0). The following URL shows this default setting in an explicit form:


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The next five users in the sort order could then be returned with this URL (the start_index is now set to 5):


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Query parameter details

The following table provides details on the URL query parameters that control sorting and pagination of returned arrays.

Query Parameter Description Default Value Allowable Values


Field on which to sort. Use any field in the resource model, or one of the system fields lastModifiedTime or createdTime. Prefix the field name with a hyphen (-) to sort in descending order. Omit the hyphen to sort in ascending order.


lastModifiedTime, createdTime, any field in the resource model


Specifies the number of resources to return.




Specifies the sort order index from which to begin returning data.

0 (the first row)

Any integer

Response field details

Name Type Description Allowable Values



The number of resources returned.




The sort order index of the first resource in the returned array.

Any integer



The sort order index of the last resource in the returned array.

Any integer



A value of true indicates that more unreturned resources exist.

true, false


array of objects

Contains the returned resources.

Sample response body

  "count": 10,
  "start_index": 0,
  "end_index": 9,
  "is_more": true,
  "data": [

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