5 minute read
August 18, 2022

About Real-Time Decisioning

Marqeta Real-Time Decisioning allows you to manage risk for your card transactions.

Define rules using the dashboard

Marqeta provides a dashboard for you to manage rules for detecting fraudulent transactions. The Real-Time Decisioning dashboard provides an editor for writing and editing business rules using ARIC Model Definition Language (AMDL™), which is a dedicated language for fraud detection. The dashboard includes a wizard to generate business rules, tags, and variables, and to run offline unit tests. To learn how to manage risk using the Marqeta Dashboard, see Marqeta Real-Time Decisioning in the Dashboard.

Define expressions using AMDL

To learn how to use AMDL to define expressions, see Using AMDL. For reference information on AMDL, see AMDL Reference. For a tutorial on how to define rules, Tutorial: Defining Rules in Real-Time Decisioning.

Manage Real-Time Decisioning users and teams

Define permissions for users and teams. For information on managing users, see Real-Time Decisioning User Access. For a tutorial on managing users and teams, see Tutorial: Managing Users.

Manage false positives

Use the Fraud Feedback API to provide feedback when false positives occur so that subsequent transactions from the same user and card will not be denied. To learn how to send fraud feedback on fraudulent transactions to the risk model, see Using the Fraud Feedback API. For reference information, see Fraud Feedback API Reference.

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