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June 1, 2023

About Real-Time Decisioning

Marqeta Real-Time Decisioning is a powerful tool you can use to manage risk for your card transactions. Real-Time Decisioning provides a dashboard, a dedicated rule definition language, and wizard for defining and managing the rules and logic to detect fraud and specify automated actions based on transaction events.

With Real-Time Decisioning, you can:

  • Use the dashboard, rule definition language, and wizard to create business rules and workflows.

  • Build rules based on transaction events.

  • Perform offline unit tests.

  • Stage your rules before going live.

  • Manage false positives using the Fraud Feedback API.

  • Quickly make changes in the event of a fraud attack.

  • Define users and teams.

For details on how you can take advantage of Real-Time Decisioning, contact your Marqeta representative.

Define rules using the dashboard, definition language, and wizard

Marqeta provides the Real-Time Decisioning dashboard for managing rules to detect fraudulent transactions. The dashboard includes an editor for writing and editing business rules using a dedicated rule language, and a wizard to generate business rules. Marqeta’s risk definition language is a declarative language that allows you to specify state updates and executions on each event that passes through the system. Based on the outcome of the logic you’ve defined, you can specify whether an action should be taken and the action to take.

Build rules based on transaction events

RiskControl provides objects related to fraudulent transactions in the /transactions endpoint and transaction event types used for decisioning in the authorization flow.

Perform offline unit testing

Offline Unit testing allows you to validate your rules and ensure that they function as planned. By performing unit testing, you can be sure your rules are valid and that you are not introducing friction for your cardholders.

Stage your rules before going live

Real-Time Decisioning staging allows you to ensure that your rules accomplish what you intend before going live. You can submit your rules for review by other users in your organization and use Sandbox Replay, which uses historical transactions to compare the performance of a previous rule set with how your new rule set would have performed.

Manage false positives

Use the Fraud Feedback API to provide feedback when false positives occur so that subsequent transactions from the same user and card will not be denied.

Quickly make changes in the event of a fraud attack

If your company is under a fraud attack, you can define a set of rules, and put those rules into effect instantaneously.

Manage users and teams

Marqeta uses role-based access control for Real-Time Decisioning. Each role enables a user to access a particular function of the Real-Time Decisioning dashboard. Teams help you organize the workflows of designing and approving rules, and the day-to-day process of managing the transactions that are processed by Real-Time Decisioning.

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