5 minute read
February 24, 2022

Accessing Tokenization Implementation Guides


With Marqeta’s instant issuance feature, you can create virtual cards and automatically push them to digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay. Instant issuance requires an integration with the digital wallet provider as well as with Marqeta.

Marqeta provides a Tokenization Implementation guide that shows how your iOS and Android mobile apps interact with the Marqeta platform to implement digital wallet push provisioning capabilities. You must complete the requirements for Google Play or Apple Pay to access the Tokenization Implementation guide.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

To integrate your app with digital wallets on Apple Pay-compatible and on Google Pay-compatible devices and begin the process of implementing instant issuance, contact your Marqeta representative who will work on your behalf with Apple and the card network to obtain:

  • Tokenization enablement at the card network

  • Apple in-app provisioning entitlement

After these requirements are met, Marqeta grants your team access to documentation to help guide the integration and implementation of instant issuance for Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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