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November 10, 2020

Dashboard Overview and Quick Start

Welcome to the Marqeta Dashboard. The Dashboard provides an interactive user interface for exploring, administering, and managing your card and payment programs on the Marqeta platform. Using the Dashboard, you can accomplish tasks such as:

  • Explore your card program data by generating reports and visualizations, including custom reports that you can use to better understand your business.

  • Manage your users, cards, and businesses, including tasks such as replacing a card, reporting a card stolen, or initiating a dispute.

  • Create cards individually or in bulk.

  • Access developer tools for integrating with the Marqeta platform.

  • View audit logs.

  • Enable ACH Direct Deposit.

  • Enable 3D Secure authentication and PIN Reveal.

  • Manage Dashboard users by controlling access, viewing and editing user information, adding users, and defining roles.

Access the Marqeta Dashboard

To access the Marqeta Dashboard, go to app.marqeta.com in your browser. In the login window:

  • If you have an existing account, enter your username and password and select Sign In.

  • If you do not have an account, select Sign Up Now, enter your information in the Create An Account window, and select Create Account.

After five unsuccessful login attempts, you will be locked out of your account for one hour. Some Dashboard features require that you have the specific supplement for that feature granted by an administrator.

About the Marqeta Dashboard

The Marqeta Dashboard provides these main areas of functionality:


Displays a summary of your program’s activity over the last day, week, or month, and provides links to saved reports.


Use Reports to explore your production data on the Marqeta platform. Reports aggregate and curate your data to help you make data-driven business decisions.

Card Management

Use Card Management to monitor and manage your card products, catalog, and inventory.


Use Customers to manage users and businesses.

Control Center

Use the Control Center to manage access to the Dashboard, manage users and roles, control Commando Mode, view audit loges, manage ACH, and enable PIN Reveal and 3D Secure.

Navigate the Dashboard

To start exploring the Marqeta Dashboard, use the sidebar on the left to navigate through the main functional areas.

View a summary of program activity

Home displays your program’s activity for the last day, week, or month; you can also find links to saved reports here:


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To view a summary of your program activity, select Home from the sidebar. For details, see Home.

Generate reports and create visualizations

Use Reports to explore your data on the Marqeta platform. Reports aggregate and curate your data to help you make data-driven business decisions. You can generate reports on your business, such as the number of authorizations or declines, and filter and sort the data.


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You can create visualizations, such as bar charts or scatter plots, to help you to identify patterns and trends.

You can save reports and visualizations you define for easy access to your ongoing enterprise. To view the reports and create your own reports, select Reports from the sidebar. For details on how to create and interpret reports, see Reports in the Dashboard.

Manage your card programs

Use Card Management to manage your card products.


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Using Card Management, you can view all of the card products configured for your program, and:

  • View all configured card products (virtual and physical) and relevant information.

  • Order cards from existing card products (both single or in bulk).

  • View the results of bulk card ordering file uploads.

To manage your card programs, select Card Management from the sidebar. For detailed information on how to manage your programs, including step-by-step procedures, see Managing Cards in the Dashboard.

Manage your customers

Use Customers to manage your users and businesses.


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Using Customers you can manage users, cards, and businesses, including:

  • Manage user and business information.

  • Change user and business status.

  • Access customer and business cards.

To manage customers, select Customers > Users or Customers > Businesses from the sidebar. For detailed information, including step-by-step procedures, see Managing Customers in the Dashboard.

Access developer tools

The Dashboard provides tools for integrating with the Marqeta platform. You can get authorization credentials to send requests to your sandbox and view a transaction history for the cards in your sandbox.

For more about development, see Core API Quick Start and Introduction in the Core API Reference.

Get API keys for your sandbox

Use API Keys to set up authorization credentials that allow you to send requests to your sandbox. For more information, see Authentication in the Core API Reference.

To get your credentials and set up your sandbox:

  1. In the sidebar, select Development > API Keys.

  2. Copy and paste the credentials below.

  3. Use the base URL to build your endpoints.

  4. Use Hello, World! to create users.

Application Token

The token to identify your API client.

Admin access token

The token to access your sandbox. You should keep this token secret.

Base URL

Append endpoints to this URL when making API requests.

Hello, World!

Run this code in a terminal window to create users in your sandbox.

View the transaction timeline

You can view a transaction timeline for a card token in your sandbox.

To view the timeline:

  1. Go to Development > API Keys.

  2. Enter the card token.

  3. Select View timeline.

For more about cards and card tokens, see Cards in the Core API Reference.

Manage options and users

The Control Center allows you to manage Dashboard options and users, including:

  • Enable or disable Commando Mode.

  • View audit logs.

  • Manage ACH direct deposit.

  • Enable PIN Reveal and view history.

  • Enable 3D Secure.

  • Manage user access by adding and removing users, define user roles, impersonate users.


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To manage options and users, select Control Center from the sidebar. For more information, see Control Center in the Dashboard.

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