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November 10, 2020

Integration Verification

Marqeta drives the certification of your integration by gathering key data points about your program that describe how you will leverage the Marqeta platform to build your card program configuration and serve your customers. It’s vital that you review these data points to confirm their accuracy.

Marqeta provides best practices and ways to resolve potential issues so you can configure the Marqeta platform to best solve your business needs.

Step 1 — Technical advisement

By this step, you should have started the due diligence process. As you set up your integration with the Marqeta platform, your Marqeta Delivery Representative will provide customized recommendations for your card program such as the examples below:

Feature Travel / Supplier Payments Expense Management

Card product

  • Virtual

  • Single use

  • 30-day expiration

  • Max spend: $5,000/txn

  • Load limit: $20,000/txn

  • US only

  • Physical

  • Reloadable

  • 4-year expiration

  • Max spend: $5,000/txn, $20,000/month

  • US and Canada only


Enabled, decline on postal code mismatch and on address mismatch

Enabled, decline on postal code mismatch, do not decline on address mismatch

User and card structure

Flat, user/card 1:1 = each user will have a card, user will include address for end user whose bill is to be paid

Parent:child, business object = downstream customer, child object = employees of the business who are authorized users

Card ordering and activation

Activate upon issue

Fulfilled via full-service mail with personalized carriers, to be activated via IVR or in-app

Card presentment

No human presentment, only machine to machine

Human presentment


Managed JIT, creating velocity controls for max spend at card creation

Gateway JIT, limiting approvals based on balance loaded and other company determinations

Default authorization control behavior

Deny all, add specific MCCs in the travel space to the allow list

Allow all, add the issuing bank’s MCC list to the deny list

Step 2 — Private sandbox access

After you complete the technical advisement process, Marqeta provisions your sandbox environment, provides you with access keys, and adds your system’s IP addresses to the allow list. If you need to use PCI compliance widgets or Marqeta.js, Marqeta provisions them for you at this time.

Step 3 — Onboarding checkpoints

Throughout the early stages of the development process, your Marqeta Delivery Representative holds weekly onboarding checkpoint meetings. In addition, you will be invited to a private Slack channel where your questions will be answered by directing you to relevant documentation.

During this time, you should be creating the basic components of your card program. The table below lists who is responsible for some common tasks.

Responsibility Matrix Powered Managed

Creating and configuring card products



Creating and managing users



Creating and managing cards



Creating and managing spend controls at the card-product level



Creating and managing controls at the user and card level



Step 4 — Simulating transactions

Before proceeding to final certification, Marqeta expects you to simulate, at a minimum, the following transactions before proceeding to final certification.

Simulation Endpoint and Method

Create 50 users and cards



Simulate 15 authorizations


Simulate 15 clearings


For more information, see Users, Cards, and Simulating Transactions.

Step 5 — Integration certification

Just-in-Time (JIT) Funding certification
Skip JIT Funding certification if your card program configuration does not include JIT funding.

Certification is a critical step when integrating with the Marqeta platform, because this is when your Delivery Representative verifies that transactions are created and processed accurately, and that certain features such as JIT Funding and card fulfillment have been configured per the technical advisement in Step 1.

Marqeta will work with you to create data in your private sandbox that is required to complete the JIT Funding certification tests. For example, these tests require transactions involving users with specific balances that are expected to fail in certain cases. Your verification tests will be conducted at a convenient, prescheduled time. Technical team members from both Marqeta and your team should be available to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

JIT Funding Certification Test Powered Managed

Providing details about your gateway endpoint for sandbox and production environments



Configuring gateways and card products



Examining test case responses



Conducting test authorizations against your sandbox gateway endpoint



Creating test users and cards by card program configuration



Conducting test transactions against your sandbox gateway endpoint



Final check

Marqeta certifies your readiness by answering questions like the following:

  • Does your sandbox environment match what is expected in production?

  • Have all configurations been implemented correctly?

  • Have you successfully simulated the necessary transactions?

  • Is the default authorization behavior correct?

  • Are the active card limits correct?

  • Does your card product have the correct funding source (if you are using JIT Funding)?

  • Are bulk orders generated correctly (if you are using Marqeta’s card fulfillment service)?

  • Are you adhering to the expected KYC behaviors?

  • Are all necessary PCI compliance widgets deployed as expected?

After you successfully pass the certification, you are ready to start migrating your code to the production environment.

Step 6 — Go live

The comprehensive security scan of your production environment, reserve funding, and card fulfillment is complete. Marqeta has provided you with production credentials to transition your card program configuration to a live environment.

As referenced in the signed contract, your card program configuration is now considered to be in "Go live" state.

Step 7 — Live testing

A few tasks remain before your program is ready to launch:

  • If your card program includes either physical or virtual cards that need to be displayed, you must produce and approve the card art in accordance with the card network and issuing bank guidelines.

  • If your card program includes physical cards, you may want to schedule fulfillment orders to be able to reliably distribute cards to your cardholders.

Your Marqeta Delivery Representative will assist you with performing User Acceptance Testing in your live environment, focusing on authorizing and clearing transactions. Once both parties are adequately satisfied, your card program configuration will be ready for launch.

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