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January 23, 2023

Release Notes

January 2023

New features

Additional language support for PCI-compliant widgets

Marqeta’s customizable widgets enable your cardholders to securely interact with your customer applications in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Beginning in January 2023, the widgets offer support for an additional language: Portuguese (Brazil), which complements the existing language set of English (US), Czech, French (Canada), French (France), German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish.

Platform release 2023.1.23.0

The 2023.1.23.0 release of the Marqeta platform contains infrastructure improvements and back-end issue fixes only. There are no customer-facing enhancements or fixed issues in this release.

Platform release 2023.1.16.0

New features

Application Transaction Counter enabled for all programs

The Marqeta platform now returns the Application Transaction Counter (ATC) for Mastercard transactions that include this data element.

New decline reasons for Gateway Just-in-Time Funding transactions

This release adds two new values to the Gateway Just-in-Time (JIT) Funding object’s decline_reason field: CARD_NOT_ACTIVE and CARDHOLDER_NOT_ACTIVE.

Changed functionality

Changes to 3D Secure authentication requests

This release of the Marqeta platform includes two new fields in the ThreeDSAuthenticationRequest object: three_ds_requestor_url and three_ds_requestor_app_url. These fields provide more information about merchants requesting 3D Secure authentication.

  • The three_ds_requestor_url field shows the fully qualified URL of the merchant’s website or customer care site. This data element provides additional information to help troubleshoot any problems that arise, along with the merchant’s contact information.

  • The three_ds_requestor_app_url field shows the fully qualified URL of the merchant application that initiated the 3D Secure authentication request. For app e-commerce transactions, you can use the three_ds_requestor_app_url field to redirect your cardholders back to the merchant application after they have completed 3D Secure authentication in their mobile banking application. Redirecting cardholders in this way makes their payment experience smoother and more seamless, thereby reducing cardholder abandonment.

For more information about these new fields, see The ThreeDSAuthenticationRequest object.

Fixed: Incorrect value for offline PIN transactions

An issue that set the value of the pin_present field to false for all offline PIN transactions has been resolved in this release for both the Visa and Mastercard networks.

Fixed: Filtering GET /digitalwallettokens results

This release of the Marqeta platform fixes an issue that prevented filtering results from the GET /digitalwallettokens endpoint by the token field.

Fixed: Duplicate transactions from misidentified pre-authorizations

An issue that caused pre-authorization transactions to be incorrectly identified, thus creating duplicate transactions, has been resolved in this release.

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