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April 8, 2020

Sales Process

You have contacted Sales and are probably wondering what the experience will be like when you engage with Marqeta. This portion of the guide will address the milestones and what to expect along your journey with the Marqeta.

Step 1 — Sales engagement

Your contact with Sales begins with the Marqeta Sales Development Representative who inquires about your use case to determine if there is a fit with the Marqeta platform. If so, you will be introduced to a Business Development Representative, and start a pricing and feasibility assessment.

Step 2 — Sales engineering consultation

Engaging with a Sales Engineer provides a solid starting point for integrating with the Marqeta platform. This step is optional.

The level of detail your Sales Engineer goes into here depends on the nature and complexity of the card program you are developing. Typical outcomes include:

  • Understanding and scoping of your card program to provide you with an overview of how Marqeta’s products and capabilities can best serve you.

  • Developing sequential diagrams for end-user onboarding to the Marqeta platform, as well as transactional and funding flow diagrams.

  • Being your development team’s initial point of contact for all technology and product-related questions.

This is a great opportunity to benefit from Marqeta’s in-depth expertise and established best practices while getting started.

A final agreed-upon card program configuration is documented in a Statement of Work in Step 3 as you move through the onboarding process.

Step 3 — Proposal / SOW

Marqeta will generate a proposal or Statement of Work (SOW) that provides clarity and transparency to the engagement. The SOW describes the card program configuration, as well as the responsibilities of both parties, the associated pricing, and the project timeline.

Step 4 — Signed contract

Marqeta prepares a Master Service Agreement (MSA) based on the SOW. After you and Marqeta have signed the MSA, the due diligence and integration verification processes begin.

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