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October 28, 2020

Security Verification

For all Marqeta customers, security is viewed as an ongoing relationship rather than a one-time check.

Step 1 — Security assessment

The security assessment starts with a checklist to verify that your integration architecture is compliant with Marqeta guidelines. As part of the integration verification, Marqeta’s Security Team scans your environment to confirm a secure connection and to highlight any risks that need to be resolved. This information is also used to add your IP addresses to the allow list and to begin configuring your dedicated environment(s).

Step 2 — Comprehensive security scan

You supply the Marqeta Security Team with production IP addresses. The Marqeta Security Team performs a comprehensive security scan of your environment within two business days.

  • If the scan is successful, your production IP addresses are added to the Marqeta firewall.

  • If vulnerabilities are discovered, Marqeta will provide you with corrective measures and guidance on the specific changes you will need to make to secure your environment. Contact Marqeta to repeat Step 2 after applying these measures.

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