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  • What is "auto re-load?"

    Auto re-load is a feature that allows you to make sure that you never run out of your favorite offers.

    Whenever you take an "always-on" offer, you have the ability to check the "auto re-load button." You can then set the dollar amount in your balance at which you'd like to automatically take the offer again. Whenever your balance dips below that amount, the offer is re-purchased.

  • Can I refer a friend?

    Absolutely. We'll even give you a reward if your friend joins and takes an offer.

    Just go to your "My Account" page and click the "Refer a Friend" button. From there, you just enter your friends' email address. We'll send out an email inviting them. When a friend joins and takes an offer- you'll get $10 to use on any available Marqeta offer.

  • What fees are there with the Marqeta card?

    There is no sign-up fee for the card.
    There is no annual fee.
    There are no load fees.
    There are no re-load fees.
    There are no transaction fees.
    If you use your card as designed- you'll probably never pay a fee.

    The fees we detail in our Cardholder Agreement are for occurrences that just don't happen that often. To be specific, we charge $5 for printed statements mailed to your home, but the same information is available online for free. We charge $20 if you have lost your card and want it over-nighted to you. Again, it's totally free if we send it via regular mail. In other words, these few fees are really only to cover our costs of servicing special requests.

  • Where do my prepaid dollars go before I spend them?

    All consumer funds are maintained in a federally chartered, FDIC regulated financial institution. Marqeta funds are never co-mingled with consumer funds. In fact, Marqeta banks at a separate and unrelated financial institution. Marqeta does not benefit on the float generated by the consumers' deposits. The bank holds the funds in an non-interest bearing account in return for charging reduced banking fees.

  • Can I use my Marqeta card at any merchant that takes Discover?

    Your Marqeta card can only be used at merchants with whom you have taken offers or loaded funds. You can see our entire list of merchants under current offers.

  • Can I request additional Marqeta cards for family or friends?

    No. Marqeta cards are intended for individual use. However, we encourage you to share great offers from your favorite merchants with friends and family – who can obtain their own personal Marqeta cards through our web site.

  • What if I spend more at a given merchant than I have in that merchant’s account on my Marqeta card?

    If you have a $120 balance at a merchant but wish to make a purchase of $150, the extra $30 is simply passed through to your backup funding source (credit card, debit card or bank account), which we capture when you activate your Marqeta card. You may overspend up to a maximum of $100 per valid funding source that you've linked to your Marqeta card.

    There are absolutely NO fees for using this feature.

    This feature is designed as a convenience to improve your purchasing experience. It is still your responsibility to make sure that you can pay for your purchase. If when charging your funding source, there are not sufficient funds available, we may have to temporarily freeze your Marqeta account and charge you a fee (this fee is simply to cover the costs we are charged when this happens). Please use this feature responsibly.

  • Does Marqeta offer a mobile app?

    Marqeta does offer a mobile app. Just use your smartphone and go to www.Marqeta.com Marqeta will recognize your mobile device and provide you with fast, easy access to your favorite merchants and offers – even when you’re standing in the store. The Marqeta mobile app will work on iPhone/iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices.

  • Do Marqeta cards expire?

    The funds you prepay will never expire. The physical card will expire three years from the date of issue, but you will be issued a new card well before that time.

  • What if I lose my Marqeta card?

    Just contact Marqeta and let us know. We’ll get a new card to you in 4-7 business days. Your funds are secure. Once you activate the new card your prepaid funds will be transferred to it.

  • When I take a merchant’s offer and load prepaid funds onto my Marqeta card, do I have to spend all of the funds in a single visit?

    Once you load your Marqeta card, you can spend your money in any way you choose. You can make one big purchase at a favorite merchant or several smaller purchases over a longer period of time.

  • When I take a merchant’s offer on Marqeta and load my card with prepaid dollars, is there a time limit in which I have to spend at that merchant?

    No. Once you take an offer and load your card, you can wait as long as you like to spend your money. Your reward dollars may have an expiration date but the money you load onto the card does not. Please read offers carefully – each states the specific details regarding the merchant reward dollars.

  • Do a certain number of people have to take a merchant’s offer for it to activate?

    No, but some merchants put a limit on the number of consumers who can take their offer. Other merchants may limit the amount of time an offer is available on Marqeta. Move fast if you see an offer you like – you could miss an opportunity by not accepting it.

  • How do I get my favorite merchants to join Marqeta?

    For those who are already Marqeta members, you can use our recommendation engine, which you'll find on the right side of your "my account" page once you’re logged in. Using the recommendation engine, it’s easy to search for merchants and submit their information directly to us. We also welcome you to send your merchant recommendations to us via e-mail at help@marqeta.com. If you'd like us to keep you posted on new Marqeta merchants, "like" us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@marqetacard). We’ll keep you informed as the Marqeta merchant network grows.

  • Once dollars are loaded onto the card, can I spend the money at any participating Marqeta merchant, or is it just valid at the merchant whose offer I accepted?

    Funds loaded onto Marqeta cards are merchant specific – they may only be spent with the merchant that made the offer – at merchant locations included in the offer. However, you can accept offers from multiple merchants on a single Marqeta card. Each merchant has its own account on Marqeta and you can load funds to as many merchant accounts as you’d like – one merchant at a time.

  • Can I use coupons and other discounts in addition to the reward dollars I earn through Marqeta offers?

    Acceptance of coupons and discounts in conjunction with Marqeta varies from merchant to merchant. These policies will be communicated to you before you accept a Marqeta offer.

  • How do I use my Marqeta card once I take an offer and load prepaid funds?

    It’s easy – just use your Marqeta card in the same way you use any credit or debit card. Once you take a merchant’s offer and load prepaid funds onto the card, simply visit that merchant and pay using your Marqeta card.

  • Why do you need my personal information?

    Marqeta is a reloadable debit card that is subject to certain Federal banking rules and regulations. We ask for the minimum amount of information required to get the Marqeta card to you. If you have concerns regarding privacy please review our privacy policy or contact us at privacy@marqeta.com.

  • How do I load money onto my Marqeta card?

    You fund your Marqeta card by linking it to your bank account or to a credit/debit card. We will provide specific instructions when you activate your card.

  • How long will it take for my Marqeta card to arrive?

    After you join, your Marqeta card will arrive in the mail within 5-7 business days. When your card arrives, you activate it online at www.marqeta.com/activate and then you can begin using your prepaid dollars at your favorite merchants.

  • How do I sign up for Marqeta?

    Simply register at www.marqeta.com and you can begin accepting merchant offers.

  • What is Marqeta?

    Marqeta is the first multi-merchant prepaid debit card solution that will change the way you shop – and change the way merchants interact with you. Using Marqeta’s web site, mobile app and merchant e-mail messages, you can select merchant offers and load prepaid dollars onto your Marqeta card. That investment in a favorite merchant or brand earns you more money to spend at the places you shop every day. And you can store an unlimited number of merchant offers and prepaid dollars – all on one Marqeta card.

    With Marqeta, there’s no waiting around for great deals, no need to print coupons and no need to show your smartphone to a merchant. Just accept a merchant’s offer, load prepaid dollars and swipe your Marqeta card in-store or online. It’s that easy.

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