Instant Issuance for Digital Wallets

Create virtual cards and push them to mobile wallets for Apple Pay and Android Pay.  Marqeta’s Open API and Digital Wallet SDK clears the path for you to quickly and easily turn on in-app provisioning.

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Greater Control

Just-in-Time “JIT” Funding

Fund cards and authorize transactions in real time with JIT Funding. Add your own rules, your own API decision engine, and your own data.
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Dynamic Spend Controls

Restrict card authorizations by merchant, merchant category (for example: hotel, clothing, restaurant, etc.), dollar amounts, time, number of uses, type of currency, and multiple other criteria.
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Commando Mode

Keep your business running even if your technical infrastructure suffers under unusually high transaction volumes or experiences latency or outages.
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Program Dashboard

Manage customers, cards, and reports. Configure accounts and program settings. Access can be granted at varying levels to facilitate account-level interactions with the cardholder. See How >
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4ec32eeab34449c9fae9eb785cbd45245ece0375 features bg program dashboard
Speed to Market

Rapid Prototyping

Access Marqeta’s fully documented and Open API immediately. Developers can dive into the Sandbox right away to start coding. See How >
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2845dc7e38235750393d0c1a178ab6a49c5e813d features api explorer

PCI-Compliant Widgets

PCI compliance doesn’t have to slow you down. Stay protected and secure by embedding Marqeta’s PCI compliant widgets.
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Marqeta.js for Virtual Card Presentment

Securely present virtual cards in your web or mobile app while maintaining control over your user experience. With Marqeta.js, a javascript library for PCI compliant virtual card presentment, payment card data is securely transmitted from Marqeta’s servers directly to your client application -- payment card data is never transmitted or stored on your servers.
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Customer Service with IVR

Marqeta’s IVR offering provides automated call routing for card activations, lost or stolen card replacement, customer support, and more.
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Deeper Insights

Curated Data

Get on-demand access to curated data to answer questions about cardholder activity, balances, spend behavior, and declines. The Data insights, Visualizations, & Analytics “DiVA” team can also push data to you to help automate data on your schedule.
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45a894979389a77b70fbf59fbdf36c4e8d33fccc features curated data


Perform rapid analytics and accelerate your product iteration with real-time webhooks that push data to your API. Marqeta offers an array of real-time event notifications to trigger customer communications based on actual customer behavior.
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Slack Integration

Schedule Slack notifications for key data points such as your or your customer’s daily opening bank balance.
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03505cc781060fac926a0ed26fe0f782ba4d7873 features slack

Virtual Cards

Optimize buyer to supplier payables by assigning a virtual card to each transaction. Set custom expiration dates, attributes, metadata and controls to track the buyer and supplier transaction end-to-end.
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