To greenfield or
not to greenfield:

how banks are self-disrupting

API Chronicles; Sustainable Living
API Chronicles; Sustainable Living

A timely livestream event covering how banks are responding to an increasingly competitive digital banking market, featuring speakers from:


Digital innovation, changing consumer behaviour and regulation focused on removing barriers to new entrants and making it easier to connect into the banking ecosystem, has led to an intensely competitive digital banking landscape.

The historic advantages large banks once enjoyed are being eroded. Yet, large banks still maintain a large market share and they have been responding with their own digital transformation plans.

One way some established financial institutions are responding to the changing landscape is to launch a greenfield bank.

Join us on Wednesday 23rd March at 3pm GMT.

To help you understand how banks are approaching digital innovation, we’re delighted to present the following expert panel:

Elizabeth Lumley
Technology and Transaction Banking Editor, The Banker
Josh Berle
Carlo Panella
Head of Direct Banking, illimity.
Jose Rosa
Head of Product, Yuh
Simon Boonen
FinTech Consultant, ING

Join your peers for a discussion on to greenfield or not to greenfield: how banks are self-disrupting.

Digital banking: did you know?

36% of major banks intend to create their own greenfield challenger banks. And in a Marqeta poll of 32 bank decision-makers, more than half (19) agreed that the heightened need to transform experiences for customers during and after the pandemic would stimulate a new raft of greenfield bank launches1.
The cost of acquiring a customer is typically in the range of $100 to $200, according to Oliver Wyman analysis. With a new, BaaS technology stack, the cost can range between $5 and $352.
Embedded finance offers a new, very large addressable market opportunity worth over $7 trillion in ten years’ time, twice the combined value of the world’s top 30 banks today3.

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