Data insights

Leverage many useful types of data from a range of channels across the platform.

We know how important data is to our customers building their own card programmes. The right data means you’ll be better able to manage your programme, including reconciliation, fraud, user experience optimisation and much more.

We’ve made many different types of data available through many different channels, from webhooks to the Programme dashboard, allowing you to choose which is best for you according to your business needs.

Use the power of data to:

Monitor programme events and activities

Answer important questions about your cards, authorised users, cardholder activity, balances, and declines to monitor the health of your card programme

Set up alerts and reports

Empower your business with meaningful insights through data access, reports and dashboards. Curated data is accessible in real time to feed into operational or compliance reporting, or can be integrated with your own finance, accounting or general ledger systems via our APIs to create a holistic view of your operations

Analyse spending patterns

Use authorisation, settlement and other reports to gain a full understanding of your cardholders and their spending patterns

Create your own data visualisations

Use our APIs to access bulk transaction data and integrate that into visualisations or your own applications

Whether we’re pushing data to you, or you’re pulling data from us, our platform can be customised to meet your specific needs – giving you the valuable insight you need to make the right business decisions.

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