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Create tailored authentication experiences, reduce online fraud and grow brand trust – while meeting regulatory requirements.

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3D Secure (3DS) makes e-commerce more secure by requiring cardholders to complete an additional verification step with the card issuer at the time of payment. By enabling 3D Secure, card issuers can meet the requirements of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) under PSD2.

The benefits of using Marqeta for 3DS include:

Own the authentication experience

Authenticate cardholders in a way that is right for your business

Accelerate cardholder activity

Earn exemptions so you don’t have to introduce friction to cardholders on every transaction

Minimise additional integration and cost

Authenticate cardholders and authorise transactions on one unified platform without having to manage multiple vendors

How does Marqeta's 3D Secure solution work?


  1. If a merchant chooses to apply 3DS to a transaction, we can handle the authentication request by using decisioning rules set up by you within the Marqeta platform. You can automatically take advantage of exemptions under PSD2 such as recurring transactions.
  2. Alternatively, Marqeta can pass on decisoning to your internal risk systems to determine when to challenge a 3DS transaction, giving you complete control. You can use your own business logic and data to exempt low-risk authentication requests.
  3. Once a challenge is required, Marqeta can send a one-time password (OTP) or enable advanced methods such as using biometrics within your own mobile app to verify the cardholder.

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