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Leverage our modern technology and flexible platform to create your own payment experiences across the world.

Build your programme

Marqeta's secure cloud-based development platform is purpose-designed so that you're in full control of every aspect of your card programme. Alongside open APIs and advanced analytics, you have unprecedented control to issue cards so that you can set the rules, not the scheme or the processor.

Try out new ideas and bring them to life quickly and easily through your own private sandbox. As soon as you're ready with what you've built and tested, bring it to market and launch in different countries with ease.

Create a card

With Marqeta you can create fully-branded physical or virtual cards. Virtual cards can be issued instantly, saving the cost of production and shipping, as well as cutting the time to market.

Offering a great end user experience, customised virtual cards can also be automatically pushed to digital wallets, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as being securely embedded into your app.

Marqeta Platform
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ISO 8583
ISO 8583
Dynamic spend controls
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Customer decisioning
Transaction Matching
transaction matching
Programme dashboard
Data Insights

How our platform works

Designed with developers in mind, our platform enables you to:

  • Build out a card programme in hours, not months
  • Manage the full scope of a programme-build, from physical or virtual card choice right through to simulating transactions
  • Accelerate development without waiting for PCI compliance certification


Built-in 3D Secure (3DS)

We've built our 3D secure solution from scratch:

No need to integrate to a third-party solution

Set decisioning rules within the Marqeta platform or manage the request yourself

Create a seamless user experience by customising how 3DS is presented to your customers

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Converting the ISO 8583 to a JSON file

We convert the legacy ISO 8583 scheme message into a user-friendly, open JSON message format:

Standardising fields across both Visa and Mastercard messaging formats

No need for you to unravel the complexity of ISO 8583

Participate in the real time transaction decision with ease

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Dynamic spend controls

Control spending using a number of variables to create unique customer experiences, while limiting your exposure to risk:

Set programme-level controls to limit where users can transact, reducing fraud risk

Set specific card-level parameters, with rules governing spending limits, frequency, ATM withdrawals, country acceptance and more

Combine spend controls in real time to instantly create highly customised user experiences

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Use our risk management tools purpose-built for card issuers:

Sophisticated tools built for mitigating risk across the cardholder journey, improving the customer experience, and delighting risk operations teams.

Empower your team to customise controls around your evolving business needs and card programme objectives.

Help protect against lost revenue to fraud and realise a stronger return on your card program with a suite of tools that drives a focus on growth.

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Whenever an event occurs on a card, use near real time, asynchronous notifications to keep your end users up to date:

Provide meaningful in-app notifications to your customers

Receive webhook notifications when both transactional and non-transactional events occur, such as cards being blocked or activated, or one-off or repetitive transactions

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Customer decisioning

Through Just-in-Time FundingTM you can directly take part in the authorisation decision and automatically fund an account at the time a transaction is made, so that you can:

Become your own processor engine. Approve or decline each transaction based on your business logic

Free up capital and improve cash flow by maintaining a zero cardholder balance until you authorise the release of funds

Authorise and fund each transaction in real time

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Transaction matching

Our platform automatically matches the original authorisation message with subsequent reconciliation processes including reversals, refunds and chargebacks.

Save time and resources by minimising manual processes or having to build your own algorithm

Let us handle all scenarios including full and part chargebacks and refunds

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Programme dashboard

A single application to serve all your programme administration and management needs throughout the entire customer journey, including:

Optimise programme funding, account balances, stand-in processing, and reconciliations

Find details on cards, transactions, and history, and have the ability to change the status and report lost or stolen cards

Manage the card life cycle including ordering, activating, suspending, and terminating cards

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Data insights

Analyse real time transactions to manage and optimise your programme, giving you the freedom to:

Manage card operations or compliance reports with curated data made available in real time

Understand the spending patterns of your cardholders across a range of variables

Use APIs to access bulk transaction data and integrate that into visualisations or other apps

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Get started in minutes

Fancy a peek at the processing technology that has powered payments innovation from pioneers such as Klarna, Capital on Tap and Yapeal?

Simply sign up with an email address to create an account. You'll then be given access to the API keys.

Marqeta issues developers with a dedicated sandbox. This ensures any development work is private and means developers can apply functionality and controls that represent their audience.

Each of our APIs can be consumed individually or through SDK's in either Python or Ruby programming languages.

What makes Marqeta different?

The Marqeta platform lets you develop and launch innovative, global and trusted payment solutions at unprecedented speed.


Dynamic controls to limit spend and manage fraud. Data insights and fraud products for visibility and control in the card programmes.


Scalable platform with built-in redundancy, failover and 99.99% uptime.


Our open APIs and developer SDKs allow you to create customised cards or payment products in a matter of hours.

Time to launch your next payment innovation?

Let's talk about your use case and how we can help.