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Build a modern digital banking solution quickly and easily

Digital banking has changed how we all view money management. For the new breed of challenger banks, and for those existing banks looking to get ahead, digital banking is seen as a key strategy in the race to increase customer engagement and extend lifetime value.

Digital banking caters to a new market of consumers focused on convenience, transparency, lower fees, and a feature-rich digital experience.

To stay at the centre of the financial lives of your customers, Marqeta allows you to launch new and innovative products and enhancements at speed. These can be managed in real time, enabling you to offer unique services that add value and are disruptive to traditional banking experiences.

Marqeta helps you build a digital banking solution – now

By using customisable physical, virtual, and tokenised cards linked to a primary account, you can create a unique customer experience, with the customisation and differentiation that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Real world: digital banking

Build a modern digital banking solution quickly and easily

Digital banking app



Customer opens an account

The customer completes an online application process and is quickly approved.


Prefunds the account

The customer prefunds the account if necessary.

Notification received

Marqeta webhooks allow real time notifications upon transaction completion.

Marqeta platform

Tokenised card issued

Marqeta issues a tokenised card (Google Pay/Apple Pay) enabling the cardholder to start spending immediately.

Real time fraud engine and dynamic spend controls

Fraud engine provides a score of between 1-99 on the propensity of it being a fraudulent transaction, while managed or gateway spend controls can be customised ensuring funds are only used as intended.

Funds released

Just-in-Time (JIT) Funding releases funds to the card on approval and in real time to complete the transaction.


Card presented

The store processes the virtual card just as they would any other Visa or Mastercard.

Auth requested

Marqeta’s platform is contacted by the appropriate network for authorisation.

Transaction completed

Authorisation is successful and the payment is confirmed.

“Our developers looked at Marqeta’s platform and said that’s exactly how they would have built a payment processing platform if they were building from the ground up. That’s why we chose to work with Marqeta.”


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Daniel Capraro
CPO, Yapeal

Key benefits for digital banking

Physical and virtual cards

Launch new product offerings using tailored, branded cards.


Increase adoption and security by integrating cards into digital wallets.

Open APIs

Innovate and rapidly create customised card experiences.

JIT (Just-in-Time) Funding™

Make your own funding decisions in real time and approve/decline transactions at time of transaction using your own criteria.

Data insights

Derive deep customer insights to tailor new products and services.

Card interchange

Increase revenue by expanding and diversifying into card-based products.

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