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Whenever an event occurs on a card, use near real time notifications to let your end users know.

Webhooks are notifications that provide near real time messages to your end users and customers – whenever an event occurs on a card, they’ll know about it.

These include notifications around approved or declined transactions, card state changes, user information updates and a range of other events. For example, if a transaction is approved, use webhooks to send an end user an in-app notification containing merchant-specific and spend information. You can also implement webhooks to get notifications in near real time about events such as user activation, PIN changes, cards being digitally presented, funding authorisations, ATM withdrawals and more.

Operate in real time

Send useful notifications to your customers as and when events occur


You’re in control of which events on the platform are communicated to your customers, either post-transaction or at clearing time as well

To make the experience even more seamless, we’ve introduced a feature called Exponential Back-Off, meaning that if we send a push notification to you, but don’t receive a HTTP 200 response back – we’ll keep re-sending it at exponentially larger intervals (1 second, 4 seconds and 16 seconds, upwards up to 12 days). This gives you the confidence to know that you’re handling transaction data in the most effective way possible.

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