Just-in-Time (JIT) Funding

Control and customise transactions in real time.

Authorise every transaction in real time

Approve or deny each transaction in real time based on your business logic

Better cash flow management

Fund cards in real time. Each card maintains a zero balance until you authorise the release of funds

Faster reconciliations

Inject custom metadata into each transaction that will match your order or ledger system records

Leverage dynamic spend controls and Just-in-Time Funding

Marqeta enables unique card experiences through customisation, control, and real-time funding.


Managed JIT

Managed JIT allows you to define when, where, and how much a cardholder can spend with their card ahead of time. You cannot allow or deny individual transactions as they happen.

A traditional prepaid card processor would decide whether payments will be authorized, but Just-in-Time Funding from Marqeta puts us in control and lets us decide whether to approve each transaction. Empowering us in this way gives us more control over fraud risk and allows us to achieve better cash management for real, bottom-line results.

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