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Grow your merchant relationships quickly and enable borrowers to pay for purchases within minutes of approval.

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Enhancing the customer experience through offering POS finance

Today’s retail experience isn’t just about offering customers the right product, it’s also about providing them with a seamless payment experience. In recent times this has transitioned into the provision of ‘instant credit’ to cater for high value or impulse purchases. In the ever challenging retail arena, POS finance is moving from being a differentiator to an essential element of the customer experience mix.

Create a ‘buy now, pay later’ lending solution with ease

Marqeta’s virtual card capability enables a line of credit to be provided, working seamlessly with customers’ mobile wallets and merchants’ POS systems. All of this is done in real time, with Marqeta providing 3 seconds for an authorisation. Additionally, any future repeat spend on unused credit can be later approved based on geo-location.

Real world: POS financing 

Shoppers apply for and receive financing at checkout

POS lender app

Application submitted

Your customer applies for a loan to make an on-the-spot purchase.

Notification received

Marqeta webhooks allow real time notifications upon transaction completion.

Marqeta platform

Card issued

A pre-funded virtual card is issued for that specific purchase.

Spend evaluated

Managed or gateway spend controls can be customised for the exact merchant and the start/end date of the instalment loan to minimise fraud.

Funds released

Just-in-Time (JIT) Funding releases funds to the card on approval and in real time to complete the transaction.

Retail store

Card presented

The store runs the virtual card just as they would any other Visa or Mastercard.

Authorisation requested

Marqeta’s platform is contacted by the appropriate network for authorisation.

Transaction completed

Authorisation is successful and the payment is confirmed.

“Afterpay looked at the field of providers out there and really liked Marqeta from a technology reputation and its ability to deliver innovation. We focus on how we use Marqeta’s capabilities to speed up access into merchants. We connect directly to most of our merchants. Through Marqeta, Afterpay will be able to more easily integrate into those merchants.”

Kareem Al-Bassam

Key benefits for point-of-sale financing

Instant issuance of virtual cards

Fund a prepaid virtual card for the exact amount and pay within seconds of the borrower’s approval, in-store or online.

Machine-to-machine transactions

Start payment cycles without the need to integrate beforehand with a merchant’s POS system wherever Visa/Mastercard is accepted.

Dynamic spend controls

Limit transaction approvals to a specific merchant or time using controls such as a date or a start and end time.

JIT (Just-in-Time) Funding™

Ensure that funds are spent for a one-time transaction or an installment payment of an approved loan.

Inject metadata into each transaction record

Streamline the reconciliation of transaction records with the lender’s general ledger (GL) and loan management system (LMS).

Data insights

Get insights into customer spend and offer targeted funding options and grow loyalty.

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