Detect and manage fraud prior to authorisation.

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FraudStream is our real time fraud detection solution, which works prior to authorisation. Each transaction is run through a risk model and given a score between 0-99 (the higher the score, the higher the risk of fraud). You’ll receive the score in real time alongside a recommendation as to whether the transaction should be accepted or not.

You can also configure your own rules when it comes to handling transactions – if any rules are breached, we’ll notify you immediately, allowing for much more effective decision-making when it comes to fraud.

The benefits of FraudStream include:

Make decisions about whether a transaction could be fraudulent in real time

Reducing risk and unnecessary investigation time

Lower cost and more simplicity

No need to involve third-parties or pay additional fees

Build richer risk models

Messages are retained after the event, enabling you to build much richer risk models, further mitigating risk