The first digitally native card platform.

The Marqeta Platform completely reinvents payment infrastructure, sidestepping antiquated systems and processes so businesses can design and build the custom payment solutions they need.

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Create physical, virtual, and tokenized payment cards. Single-use. Multi-use. Credit. Debit. For your customers. For your employees. For whatever your needs.

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Marqeta’s fully documented Open API gives developers the control, scale and insight they need to build their perfect payment experience, without the complexity of legacy issuer processors.

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Deploy new card programs and payment solutions in days, not months. Easily iterate and evolve as your needs change.

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Built with a host of unique features, Marqeta lets you create and configure cards and payment experiences as unique as your business – including specialty applications like rewards programs.

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Gain a new level of control and oversight over payments. You decide which transactions are authorized, and where and when funds flow.

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Data Driven

Payments are more transparent and meaningful with Marqeta: Track transactions, and get real-time insights on customer spending patterns, merchant metrics, and more to help drive your business.

What innovators are saying about the Marqeta Platform

“Kabbage creates financial solutions that support small businesses through speed, simplicity, and flexibility. By leveraging Marqeta’s Just-in-Time technology, we have enhanced our ability to connect customers with the right amount of capital at the right time.”

Kathryn Petralia – Co-founder & Head of Operations at Kabbage

Top use cases for the Marqeta Platform

On Demand Delivery

Allow couriers to pay with managed physical cards or virtual cards on mobile phones at the point of sale using virtual cards. Authorize or decline transactions in real time to reduce fraud.

Alternative Lending

Directly control flow of funds to borrowers, without delays or lengthy approval processes. Disburse funds right when borrowers need them – no need for requests in advance.

Retail / E-Commerce

Navigate elaborate purchase flows to expedite order fulfillment. Reduce fraud triggers and card declines by setting up virtual cards that attach customer data to transactions.

Media Buying

Build and control a payment solution on a user-friendly interface to streamline media buying and reconciliation. Eliminate the need for a credit line or credit approval on media buys.

Travel Booking

Using virtual cards to pay airlines and hotels for inventory, simplifying operations in a high-volume, high-frequency business. Track and match multiple payments end-to-end for greater accounting efficiency.