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Open APIs & webhooks

Quickly build and launch custom card programs.

Customizable experiences

Tailor card behavior to your use case and payment needs

Visibility and transparency

Use webhooks for real-time notifications and for monitoring card activities

Integration with other apps

Use open APIs to connect your card program to accounting apps and ordering systems

Our developers really like the platform, and the reason for that is that the documentation is really well-written. The APIs are very well designed, so it’s easy to understand. It’s built on cutting-edge technology, like SOAP messages, JSON, REST, and this is something that a top modern company like Klarna expects from our partners.

Klarna - Kamil HakimKlarna - Kamil HakimKlarna - Kamil Hakim

Kamil Hakim,

Sr. Engineering Manager


Use a private sandbox to test and simulate transactions


Sign up and kick off your private sandbox in just three clicks. Create your card product, accounts, and cardholders, and start simulating transactions. Leverage developer guides and tutorials to get started fast. Leverage software development kits (SDK)s to integrate with your application.


Use open APIs to customize your card experience, authorization controls, spend limits, accepted merchants and countries, time and frequency of use, and more. Take advantage of program constructs already approved by Visa and Mastercard to rapidly launch your program and deliver cards to cardholders in no time.


Implement webhooks to send real-time notifications to an endpoint hosted on your environment. Receive and process events relating to cards, users, digital wallets, transactions, cases, and chargebacks. Marqeta uses Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC) to secure the exchange.


A complete card issuing and processing platform, Marqeta meets all card program requirements from customizable transactions to data insights and risk and compliance capabilities. Benefit from new features and other continuous improvements and receive support from industry experts via a single point of contact.


With 320,000,000+ cards issued to date through our platform, we have weathered the challenges of standing up large programs. Certified as compliant with PCI DSS, SSAE-18, and SOC 2 Type II, Marqeta follows industry standards for data security and privacy. Bank-grade encryption safeguards PII, PCI, and PIN data-in-transit and data-at-rest. Communication with platform services requires TLS 1.2 or higher.

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