Marqeta Dashboard

Launch and scale your card program from a single view.


Gain faster visibility

Use the Marqeta Dashboard to see at-a-glance information about card activities. Leverage real-time visualizations to gain insights into the performance of your business and identify critical action items quickly.

Lower time on task Image

Lower time on tasks

Accelerate your time to value in adding new cardholders; issuing virtual, physical, or tokenized cards; bulk ordering; loading funds; and managing risk all in one single application.


Serve all payment stakeholders

From developers to program managers, all of your payment stakeholders can use the Dashboard to accomplish tasks like ordering cards, managing payments and disputes, monitoring transactions, and reviewing growth against goals.

Key applications


Developer tools

Create and test cards in a private sandbox using APIs, SDKs, widgets, and in-depth documentation.


Card program tools

Issue and manage cards, view card product configurations, monitor cardholder transactions, and report lost or stolen cards.



Manage risk and compliance across the cardholder lifecycle with a suite of products built specifically for card issuers.



Create, submit, and manage disputes and chargebacks via streamlined workflows.


Data insights

Identify patterns as you monitor card use over time and track performance against program goals.


Admin controls

Assign granular permissions, review detailed audit logs, and invoke stand-in processing.

Marqeta Dashboard

Develop, access, manage, and review your card program directly from a feature-rich dashboard – your various payment stakeholders are empowered with self-service tools and powerful applications.



Empower your developers with in-depth documentation, innovative APIs, and modern technology all within a private sandbox environment.


Finance managers

Make knowledgeable business decisions with quick access to program data and transaction insights that reveals program performance.


Program administrators

Reduce time-on-task for administrators while adding new users, granting custom access controls, and much more.


Risk and compliance teams

Leverage streamlined workflows to manage risk and compliance and get ahead of fraudulent transactions.


Cardholder support teams

Provide your support staff with easy access to real-time data and controls to ensure cardholders receive the help they require.

What is the Marqeta Dashboard?

The Marqeta Dashboard is a feature-rich user interface for our customers to administer and view their card programs from start to finish. Order cards, view transactions in real time, access in-depth reports, and much more.

We’re thrilled to be working with Marqeta. Ramp’s corporate card is built from the ground up to help companies get more out of every dollar. Marqeta’s payments platform is unparalleled in the market, and alongside the expertise and knowledge they bring to the table, they’ve been the ideal partner to help us get to market and scale quickly. They helped us go from incorporation to first transaction in under 70 days!

Ramp CEO Eric GlymanRamp CEO Eric GlymanRamp CEO Eric Glyman

Eric Glyman,


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