Dynamic spend controls

Create unique consumer experiences while limiting your exposure to risk.

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Control your spend

Limit where users can transact and reduce fraud by configuring when, where, and how often cards can be used

Customize the experience

Tailor spend controls to meet the unique requirements of your business

Execute in real time

Dynamically change spend controls to create new experiences as needed

What are dynamic spend controls?

Dynamic spend controls enable you to customize a card’s authorized transactions. Limit spending by a number of variables including merchant, merchant category, group of merchants, single user, group of users, dollar amount, frequency of use, time of use, start and end dates, start and end times, types of currency, and country.

Authorization controls

Set business rules and enforce policies around spending by limiting when and where a card can be used. For example, an employee attending a trade show in Las Vegas would be authorized to charge expenses at local casinos during the week but not on the weekend.

Velocity controls

Restrict cards to a set number of transactions or amount of spend over a defined period of time to prevent misuse. For example, a limo driver could be limited to three transactions at local gas stations and a maximum of $100 a week.

Real-time mix and match

Create a customized user experience by combining spend controls. Examples include a loyalty card that would have a higher value if redeemed in your store versus elsewhere or a T&E card authorized for a fixed amount that is increased if a business trip is extended.

“Ramp allows customers to spin up everything from single-use virtual cards, to more traditional physical cards that can be used for corporate expenses, as well as issue as many cards as they need for their business. To bring this idea to life, we needed a platform that allowed for Ramp to build flexible spend controls at a very granular level. Marqeta’s issuing platform provided the flexibility needed to set  detailed rules around where, when and how often a card can be used.”

Eric Glyman

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