Card products

Launch a next-generation debit card tailored to your customers

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Build a unique user experience

Set custom controls, authorize transactions based on your unique data, and issue virtual cards to digital wallets.

Launch a comprehensive digital banking offering

Tie debit cards to a primary account with direct deposit and additional banking features

Get immediate customer insights

Get actionable, real-time transaction data to drive insights and program improvements

Our flexible platform lets you design and launch innovative financial services for your unique use case

Launch a full banking offering with instant card issuance, direct deposit, ATM access, and more.

Provide users a customized debit card to access and spend their crypto balance anywhere cards are accepted.

Link your lending products with a debit card so users can access funds instantly and manage their cash flow.

Provide on-demand or gig workers fast access to their earnings through an account and debit card offering.

Get started with debit cards

1. Open accounts and issue debit cards

Open accounts with robust KYC and issue physical, virtual, and tokenized debit cards

2. Fund accounts

Leverage direct deposit and other funding mechanisms so users can start spending immediately.

3. Manage transactions

Define authorization rules on card spend, provide ATM access, and facilitate card-to-card payments.

4. Analyze consumer activity

Leverage Marqeta Dashboard and data insights to monitor account activity, service your customers, and make updates to your program.

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