PCI-compliant widgets

Accelerate development without waiting for PCI-compliance certification.

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Meet compliance standards

Comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Build and deploy faster

Minimize development efforts for activating card functions in your app or website

Ensure secure data exchange

Store, transmit, or process sensitive card data with confidence

What are PCI-compliant widgets?

Marqeta provides a JavaScript library that enables you to securely embed and display sensitive card data in your application or web page using an iframe. The sensitive card data will not be handled on your servers. Instead, Marqeta hosts the data on secure, PCI-compliant servers and encrypts it for transmission. Using these widgets, program admins can activate cards, and cardholders can set their personal identification numbers (PINs). Marqeta handles the encrypted transmission of sensitive card data such as primary account number (PAN), PIN, expiration date, and card verification value (CVV2).

“PCI compliance is a must for any fintech company, but achieving PCI compliance can be a deeply time intensive process. Marqeta is an invaluable partner to Ramp. They enabled us to ensure PCI compliance in record time, enabling Ramp to begin transacting over Visa’s rails within 2 months of our incorporation as a company.”

Eric Glyman

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