What is modern card issuing?

Customizable Open APIs and programmable infrastructure enable new business models and digital experiences.

Build a card program tailored to your unique business needs

Build a card program and issue virtual or physical cards that exactly match your use case


Next-gen credit cards

Provide personalized rewards and dynamic APRs and credit lines

Contactless payments

Instantly provision cards into digital wallets to extend your program’s reach

Instant issuing

Enable payments that can be faster than ACH and more cost-effective than checks

Custom payment experiences

Validate criteria such as vendor, amount, time, and location in real time

Granular fraud control

Dynamically approve or reject transactions in real time based on contextual data

Embedded finance

Blend payments into your user experience

Zero-balance prepaid cards

Release your company funds in real time to help optimize cash flow

Fast reconciliation

Insert custom metadata into transaction records to accelerate reconciliation with your ordering or sales system

Modern card issuers deliver a flexible and customizable experience

that can enable innovative use cases and easily expand to new markets

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Modern card issuing platforms

  • Self-service, developer-centric

  • Flexible and adaptable APIs

  • Digital wallet enablement

  • Dynamic spend controls

  • Data insights

  • Real-time notifications

  • Build once, deploy anywhere

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Typical legacy platforms

  • High-touch consulting required

  • Read-only and fixed APIs

  • Lack of digital access

  • Fixed controls

  • Limited and fragmented reporting

  • Lack of real-time information

  • Re-implement in each region

Modern card issuing is empowering innovative, global brands

Without Marqeta’s platform and APIs there would be lots of use cases that we couldn’t serve. A lot of restaurants require payments at the point of sale, and Marqeta allows us to do that and serve the needs of our restaurants the way they would like to be served.


Michael Kim,

VP Finance

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