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Incentives and rewards

Modernize your incentives and rewards campaigns to increase loyalty and improve the customer experience.

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The problem

Many incentives and rewards campaigns leverage traditional card solutions that lead to a poor customer experience. These rigid offerings fail to deliver on modern customer preferences and tie up funds on cards that go unused.

The solution

Modern card solutions provide the scale, control, and flexibility needed to keep up with ever-changing consumer preferences. By funding cards as transactions occur, incentives and rewards campaigns help you maximize working capital.

Real world: Incentives and rewards

Virtual card issued to high-value customer for online purchase

Campaign manager

Incentive campaign

Your marketing team kicks off an incentive-based campaign.

Notification received

Marqeta webhooks provide real-time notifications on spending that can be used to extend additional offers.

Marqeta platform

Card issued

A high-value customer receives an incentive card.

Spend evaluated

Dynamic spend controls are used to ensure the purchase is within the campaign criteria.

Funds released

Just-in-Time (JIT) Funding releases funds to the card on approval and in real time to complete the transaction.

Online retailer

Card presented

Customer uses the incentive card to make a purchase at an online store.

Auth requested

Marqeta’s platform is contacted by the appropriate network for authorization.

Transaction completed

Authorization is successful and the transaction is confirmed.

Cards issued

Employees are issued zero-balance physical, virtual, or tokenized cards.

Cards distributed

Employees are free to make business purchases (travel, events, meals, etc.) with the cards.

Cards charged

Zero-balance cards are used for purchases as needed by the employees.

Auth requested

Marqeta’s platform is contacted by the appropriate network for authorization.

Spend evaluated

Managed or gateway spend controls can be customized to minimize fraud and manage employee purchasing power.

Funds released

Just-in-Time (JIT) Funding releases funds to the card on approval and in real time to complete the transaction.

Transaction completed

Authorization is successful and the payment is confirmed.

Notification received

Marqeta webhooks allow real-time notifications upon transaction completion.

How it works

See how Marqeta creates card programs for for incentives and rewards

“At Virtual Incentives, we are at the cutting edge of fintech innovation. Marqeta’s open API has empowered us to provide a solution that changes the game for digital rewards fulfillment.”

Jonathon Price

Key benefits for incentives and rewards

Dynamic spend controls

Create customized solutions for your customers and reduce the opportunity for fraud with controls that can be set for a specific merchant, merchant group, category, amount, loyalty score and more.

Flexible card issuing

Instantly issue virtual cards or tokenized cards for digital wallets so customers can start spending right away, or issue branded physical cards.

JIT (Just-in-Time) Funding

​Start each card with a $0 balance and fund at the time of transaction in accordance with campaign and card program criteria. Avoid tying up capital and the hassle of sweeping unused funds off cards at the end of each campaign.

Data insights

Track the success of your rewards program with visibility into customer habits, spending, balances, and more.


Receive notifications on card activity as events happen (e.g., alerts on low card balance can provide an opportunity to extend a promotion to a high-value customer).

Inject metadata into each
transaction record

Append metadata to each transaction to ease reconciliation and track specific customer groups.

Platform overview

An API-first technology platform that will shape the future of your payments

​Solutions overview

Modern card issuing that is powering innovative payment experiences across industries

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