Solutions overview

Modern card issuing for

faster supplier payments

  • faster supplier payments
  • point-of-sale lending
  • travel and expense cards
  • mobile wallet integration
Diverse industries rely on us to power tailored, flexible, and secure payment solutions.

Our platform

powers new payment experiences

The flexibility of our open APIs and real-time webhooks, as well as our physical and virtual card formats, allows you to engage customers and pay vendors and workers with innovative payment solutions.
  • Expense cards with built-in spend controls
  • Instant installment loans at POS
  • Disruptive digital banking products
  • Faster claims payouts
  • Customizable incentive and reward cards
Companies that have built payment experiences on the Marqeta platform

Our platform

streamlines business payments

Our built-in spend controls and Just-in-Time Funding allow you to tightly control your payments while helping you free up capital and increase cash flow.
  • Direct, dynamic control of new and recurring spend
  • Easy integration with other solutions
  • Faster order fulfillment
  • Accelerated merchant onboarding
Companies that have streamlined business payments with the Marqeta platform

Custom card programs

reflect your unique business needs

Build a card program and issue virtual or physical cards that exactly match your use case.

Instant payments

Faster than ACH, cheaper than checks

Zero-balance cards

Free up capital and release funds in real time

Fraud control

Dynamically approve or reject transactions in real time based on changing information

Fast reconciliation

Insert custom metadata into transaction records to accelerate data matching

Custom card experiences

Tailor criteria such as vendor, amount, time, location, and more

Revenue upside

Gain a new source of revenue from card interchange

Across every industry

modern payments are disrupting the status quo

Digital banking

Digital banking

Increase customer engagement and lifetime value.

Expense management

Expense management

Create travel and expense or accounts payable solutions with flexibility and control.



Settle insurance claims quickly, and save time and resources on reconciliations.

Media and ad agencies

Media and ad agencies

Streamline media buying and manage reconciliation.

On-demand services

On-demand services

Onboard new merchants and couriers at scale and control fraud.

Online travel

Online travel

Accelerate travel supplier payments, optimize cash flow, and reduce the risk of fraud.

Point-of-Sale financing

Point-of-sale financing

Grow your merchant relationships quickly and enable borrowers to pay for purchases within minutes of approval.

Retail marketplaces

Retail marketplaces

Streamline merchant payments and accelerate drop shipping strategies.

Small business lending

Small business lending

Disburse loan proceeds with speed and use data to stay ahead of the competition.

​Solutions overview

Modern card issuing that is powering innovative payment experiences across industries

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  • Core API

    Issue cards, fund accounts, manage payments, and more

  • API explorer

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