Processing and settlement

Gain unparalleled control and transaction speed.

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Ensure a secure and frictionless consumer experience

Spend controls

Reduce fraud by limiting the amount and location of transactions

Just-in-time (JIT) Funding

Authorize and fund each transaction in real time, free up capital, and improve​ cash flow

“Our developers looked at Marqeta’s platform and said that’s exactly how they would have built a card issuing and payment processing platform if they were building from the ground up. That’s why we chose to work with Marqeta.”


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Daniel Capraro
Chief Product Officer

Ensure secure authentication
Marqeta ensures card authentication via PIN or signature verification for scenarios where the card is present. For scenarios where the card is not present, Marqeta provides address verification, card verification value (CVV), or 3D Secure (3DS) to authenticate the user.
Customize your card experience
Authorize transactions based on your own business rules in real time. You can limit spending by merchant, merchant category, merchant group, amount, users, user group, frequency of use, time of use, start/end times, and more.
Fund cards in real time
With JIT (Just-in-Time) Funding each card maintains a $0 balance until the transaction is approved in real time. By configuring an endpoint on your system, you can receive and respond to JIT Funding requests from Marqeta and directly participate in the authorization decisioning. Upon approval, Marqeta automatically moves funds from your funding source into the appropriate account.
Ensure accurate clearing of transactions
For dual-message transactions where the clearing and settlement happens after the authorization (e.g., restaurant tips after the meal price is authorized), Marqeta receives the clearing files from the network, processes the remaining transactions, and communicates back to the network on a daily basis.
Get real-time notifications
Implement Marqeta webhooks to receive information as Marqeta processes various events. You can turn on these notifications to provide real-time, meaningful messages to your end users and customers. For example, as soon as a food delivery order is paid for, you can notify your customer via SMS. (E.g., “Your order will arrive shortly.”) This applies to real-time events that happen post-transaction at clearing time as well. For example, you’ll receive notifications on returns and refunds as they happen to help you apply the right amount of credit to an account in a timely matter.
Accelerate reconciliations
In Gateway JIT, you can inject custom metadata into each transaction to accelerate your reconciliations. For example, inserting a “Booking ID” into the transaction helps you correlate your records (e.g., records from your ordering or purchasing system) with Marqeta’s transactions faster.