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Launch a next-generation prepaid card tailored to your customers

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Build unique card programs that enable innovation

Custom velocity and authorization controls enable flexibility for how, when, and where cards are used and approved.

Provide card variety

Issue both physical and virtual prepaid cards to provide the flexibility your card program and customers demand.

Fund cards in real time

Approve or decline each transaction based upon your business logic and spending controls. Cards hold a $0 balance until time of authorization.

What are prepaid cards?

A prepaid card resembles a debit or credit card, but holds a finite amount of funds and is not directly tied to a bank account or line of credit.

These cards typically can only be used for purchases under or equal to the card balance and are typically terminated upon reaching this initial balance.

Marqeta provides prepaid cards with dynamic spend controls and Just-in-Time Funding to optimize cash flow and mitigate payment fraud.

Real world examples

Incentives & rewards

Prepaid cards deliver the scale, flexibility, and customization needed for successful incentives and rewards programs. With Marqetaโ€™s Just-in-Time Funding, card programs can maximize their working capital instead of tying up funds on traditional cards.

On-demand services

Onboard couriers quickly using instant issuance, and ensure they follow payment roles with dynamic spend and authorization controls. Marqeta powers on-demand service use cases from ride sharing to grocery delivery with our customizable prepaid cards.

Online travel

Virtual prepaid cards make for quick supplier payments that are funded only at the time of authorization. Marqeta also enables metadata to be added to each transaction, like a travel reference number, to make reconciliation a breeze.

Get started with prepaid cards

Create single and multi-use cards

Get more out of prepaid cards by allowing them to be used only once, or multiple times, depending on your use case.

Configure cards with dynamic spend controls and Just-in-Time Funding

Define spend controls that govern how, when, and where your cards are used and fund them in real time upon authorization.

Tokenize for digital wallets

Provision prepaid cards into digital wallets to increase their adoption and mitigate payment fraud.

Instantly issue cards

Prepaid cards can be issued instantly to speed up the time to value and get new users onboarded quickly.

Monitor card activity

Access real-time data to view transaction information, account activity, and optimize your program.

“A traditional prepaid card processor would decide whether payments will be authorized, but Just-in-Time Funding from Marqeta puts us in control and lets us decide whether to approve each transaction. Empowering us in this way gives us more control over fraud risk and allows us to achieve better cash management for real, bottom-line results.”


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