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Accelerate your speed to market as you scale up. With a card-issuing platform that provides real-time data and business insights, you can drive continuous improvement and innovation.

The Modern Card Issuing Platform

The first new card issuing and payment processing platform in 20 years, the Marqeta Platform was built from the ground up to address today’s payment needs. Designed for true innovators, the Marqeta Platform lets businesses develop, iterate, and launch the commercial-scale payment solutions they need – at unprecedented speed.

Platform Benefits


Create physical, virtual, and tokenized payment cards with flexibility for single or multi-use debit and credit cards. For your customers. For your employees. For whatever your needs.


Marqeta’s fully documented, open API gives developers the control, scale, and insight they need to build their perfect payment experience, without the complexity of legacy issuer processors.


Deploy new card programs and payment solutions in days, not months. As business needs change, use Marqeta’s platform to easily iterate and evolve as your needs change.


Gain a new level of control and oversight over payments in real-time. You decide which transactions are authorized or denied, and where and when funds flow.


Built with a host of unique features, Marqeta lets you create and configure cards and payment experiences as unique as your business – including specialty applications.

Data Driven

Payments are more transparent and meaningful with Marqeta. Track transactions, and get real-time insights on customer spend, merchants, and more to help drive your business.

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